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Band was today. I never thought i'd like it so much! It's i don't… 
26th-Aug-2005 06:58 pm
Band was today. I never thought i'd like it so much! It's i don't know just... fun i guess. I never realized that so many people i knew were in band. like gina, sasha, tom, teresa, keith, carl, well and then all of the father marquettians. haha that sounds funny. I really really really want school to start now. I'm just nervous that when we get our music he'll just hand it to us and say "here play it,...now" i'd be like uhhhh can i go home and practice thank you very much. haha. My sister got back from her little trip thing yesterday. Today we played life together and i totally kicked her butt.

So i guess today i really didn't do much besides marching band. I got really tan on my face today and yesterday. I also got a farmer's tan ( oh yay... not ) haha but it's not that noticeable. I got up at like quarter to 8 or something, had breakfast, got dressed, yadda yadda yadda. My sister dropped me off at mshs at quarter to 10 then after marching band I came home and had lunch, then I played sims "bustin out" on the gamecube. It was funny cuz I had the people have a baby but then it wouldn't stop crying like even when i'd have them feed it and sing to it and stuff. Then my sister got back and we played life. Then we went and picked up her car and then came back home and then we just hung out and then ordered from the pasta shop.

Alrighty well i'm starving so i'm gunna go eat my cheese raviolis now. BuH-bYe!
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